Podcast Episode 02

“More Tablets than an inter-galactic pharmacologocial convention”

Join us in the second episode of At Random where we take a deep look into the evolving tablet market where we consider a number of tablets that are currently on the market or upcoming. In our Code Monkey section we discuss the possibility of a future for Linux and Ubuntu in the tablet market space. We then move to talk about some of our favourite iPhone / iPad apps from the last month.

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Show Notes / Links

Tablet Review: We mention the following tablets during the show, some in much more detail than others; Apple iPad, and iPad 2, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Dell Streak, Commtiva N700, Toshiba Folio 100, Novatech nTablet Viewsonic ViewPad 10 and ViewPad 7, Next 10-inch Tablet, Advent Vega.

Linux / Ubuntu on the Tablet: While reviewing the possibility of Linux / Ubuntu making an appearance on upcoming tablets in the market space, we found the following links most interesting;

Ubuntu for Tablet PCs Coming Soon,

Ubuntu at CES,

Why the Ubuntu tablet won’t sell.

Apps of the Month: The following iPhone / iPad apps were rated as our apps of the month for March 2011.

Babel Rising (iPhone): Babel Rising is an action puzzle game offering hours of gameplay. The challenge is simple: unleash your powers to prevent the humans from building the tower. You have six devastating powers at your disposal, including the thunderbolt, the typhoon and earthquake.

50 in 1 Piano HD (iPad): Learn to play the piano, create your own songs and even sing to your compositions! 50in1 Piano HD lets you do all that with one single app.

Air Display (iPhone / iPad): Ever wish you had an extra display for your Mac or Windows computer? There’s an app for that! With Air Display, you can use your iPad, iPhone, or iPod touch as a wireless display, to extend your computer desktop.

Amplitude (iPhone / iPad – Requires additional hardware): Turn your iPhone/iPod Touch into the ultimate mobile guitar and bass multi-effect processor and mobile recording studio! Use the AmpliTube iRig interface adapter (www.amplitube.com/irig) to connect your guitar to your iPhone/iPod/iPad and you are ready to rock!

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