Podcast Episode 07

After a brief burst of british summer, we retreat back into our rooms that are handily shielded by large, bright computer screens and piles of technology. In our seventh episode of AtRandom we take another look at how Google+ is evolving a month on from our initial preview. We’re excited to introduce our first guest to the show, as Chris Brennan introduces Padder; An iPad magazine, for iPad users, published exclusively on the iPad. Chris talks about the process that went into developing Padder and what goes in to writing an issue. Last but not least, an episode of AtRandom wouldn’t be the same without a trio of app review for phones and tablet devices.

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An Interview with Chris Brennan

Padder is a bold experiment. It’s not a print magazine or website hastily ported onto the iPad, but a magazine for the iPad – designed and built specifically for it. Chris joins us on AtRandom to talk us through how the app was developed and what goes in to putting together an issue.

You can download Padder and read the first episode from the App Store.

App Reviews

Rack Stare for iPhone / iPad (Free); Ever noticed you can’t stop yourself from looking at beautiful ladies? Ever been caught by a girl while gazing at her outstanding curves? Sometimes you just can’t stop looking, although it might not end well!

Sid Meier’s Pirates! for iPad (£2.59); All hands on Deck! Sid Meier’s Pirates! is an exciting high-seas adventure that allows buccaneers to helm one of 27 fully customizable ships as they descend upon unsuspecting ports of call to amass a motley crew of seafaring bandits. As a fearless Pirate Captain you will collect hidden treasure maps, undertake daring missions and courageous rescues, and swiftly hand out pirate-style justice to local braggarts at every port.

Galaxy on Fire 2 (£6.99); Catapulted into a war-torn future, eminent space adventurer Keith T. Maxwell finds the galaxy at the mercy of a powerful alien race, and then thrown into turmoil amidst the dark Valkyrie conspiracy. Join Keith in an intergalactic trek of exploration, pirates, space battles, weird aliens and romance.

A Second Look at Google+

A month down the line, we take a second look at Google Plus and consider it’s space in the market place alongside Facebook and Twitter. With a month of usage under the belt, join us as we talk about how Google+ could evolve over time, and decide for yourself whether you agree with our predictions.


In the outro of our seventh show, we talk about the music service Magnatune. Enjoy our outro track, Down with Her by Rock City Riot as we dream about episode 08.

John Wordsworth

All round geek and gamer with extensive experience developing for the web and mobile platforms. Having spent far too many years in education acquiring a PhD in Applied Mathematics, John is now looking to keep up the fun by developing apps and games.

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