AtRandom #15: Top 10 iOS Apps of 2011

In this episode, we figured we’d pay tribute to the ludicrously popular Apple’s App Store, which is currently going strong with over 500,000 apps beneath it’s corporate skirts. To that end, we thought we’d boil down a list of our favourite all-time apps thus far!

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The List

#10 – Comic Zeal (Universal – £5.49)

A powerful and attractively presented app for reading comics on your iOS device. Not only does it accept a variety of popular comic file formats (including .cbz and .cbr), it comes with some powerful functionality to manage and organise your comics collection within the app itself.


#09 – Stupidness 2 (iPhone – Free / £0.69)

Fun and innovative visual puzzler, makes creative use of the iPhone’s features to take the player through a series of tongue-in-cheek tests, rewarding the player with an IQ score as they go.


#08 – Linux User & Developer (Universal – Free / £3.99 per issue)

An app for downloading and viewing issues of the Linux User & Developer magazine in iOS format. User friendly and well presented, and all of the back issues are included. In addition, the magazine itself is comprehensive and rich in content. Highly recommended for Linux professionals and enthusiasts.


#07 – World of Goo HD (Universal – £2.99)

Fantastically engrossing and brilliantly presented physics puzzler, which sees the player manipulating small blobs of goo into structures in order to reach a goal.


#06 – The Times (iPad – Free – £10/month subscription)

For those who like to read newspapers on their iPad, this app is one of the best. An app that has truly embraced the electronic medium, and makes for a very accessible, user-friendly experience.


#05 – Good Reader (iPad / iPhone separate – £2.99 each)

A powerful and robust PDF reader that can access documents stored on cloud storage and remote servers. Compatible with Dropbox, iDisk, SugarSync, FTP and more.


#04 – Natwest / RBS Apps (Universal – Free)

Not bad at all for a banking app! Everything about this app flows very nicely, the UI is attractive and streamlined, and it makes it incredibly easy to transfer money between accounts, or make payments to others.


#03 – Speedball 2 Evolution (Universal – £2.99)

A superb update of the Bitmap Brothers classic, this retains all of the graphical charm and playability of the Amiga original and adds more new touches than anyone might expect. Memory lane done right!


#02 – Zinio (Universal – Free)

Another magazine app that distinguishes itself from others by adopting many stylish user interface touches. Zinio employs a slew of interactive mechanisms to present its content in the most dynamic and vibrant way possible.


#01 –  Magnatune (Universal – Free / Optional Subscription)

A fantastic app that streams music for free from a huge amount of artists. If you’re tired of the same old big-label music, dive into Magnatune to start listening to over 800 albums of music for free. Did I mention it was free?



John: iLuaBox (Universal – £6.99) – An app-based environment to learn, write and run scripts written in Lua. (

Rick: iSAM Mobi / Lite (Universal – £14.99 / Free) – A powerful app for managing data in real-time on iSAM and SugarCRM systems. (

Jack: Photoshop PSD Viewer (Universal – £0.69) – An app specifically for viewing .psd files in iOS. An absolute must for designers and those working in similar fields, it can also open files directly from Dropbox. (

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