AtRandom #16: Syria’s Business

The AtRandom team take a step away from the norm and discuss the topical issue of the recent conflicts that have been taking place in Syria. We then take a bit of a look at the technology that might be in use by the military at the time, complete with a nice handful of techie, moral and random elements!

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Come join the AtRandom team as we flit between the topics of war, technology and the topical situation that’s appearing in Syria at the moment. AtRandom wouldn’t be the same without the same light-hearted feel throughout along with a bit of random discussion about the boundaries between real-world war and computer games.

Music Credits: We close the show with New Rage by Electric Frankenstein which was sourced through Magnatune.

John Wordsworth

All round geek and gamer with extensive experience developing for the web and mobile platforms. Having spent far too many years in education acquiring a PhD in Applied Mathematics, John is now looking to keep up the fun by developing apps and games.

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