Podcast Episode 08

As the summer months begin to draw to a close we’re pleased to announce a few changes here in the world of AtRandom. First of all, we’re excited to produce our first show with our new introduction music and stingers. As if that wasn’t enough, we’re also introducing our new feature ‘Plus One’ (or +1 if you’re all hip), where we each bring an interesting or amusing website to the table to share with you.

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OnLive: Cloud Gaming

OnLive is a cloud gaming service which provides instant access to a number of PC games on nearly any PC, Mac, TV, or iPad. Just like when you watch videos on demand, OnLive delivers the games you want – right over the Internet. Join us as we discuss the premise and the technology behind On Live in our show.

Watch the OnLive Introductory Video

Plus One

In our new segment we each bring an interesting or entertaining website to the show for discussion. Sometimes we’ll highlight reasonably popular websites that you might not have checked for a while and other times we’ll bring up lesser known websites that we think deserves a special note.

Orbital Vector; This site is meant to be an online encyclopedia for the technology of the future. Technology that may exist ten years or ten centuries from now, as imagined by scientists, engineers, authors, and artists alike.

GOG – Good Old Games; Good Old Games is an online games on demand store that provides DRM-Free access to many of the PC classics from the last 10-15 years of gaming. Games range from $5-$10 and all games are compatible with Windows XP and Vista (and almost definitely Windows 7 too!).

Paul Hayes; Paul Hayes is a web-designer who likes to experiment with HTML, JavaScript and CSS. His website contains a large number of demos that show off many un-tapped features of these technologies.

App Reviews

Padder for iPad; Padder is an iPad Magazine App for the iPad on the iPad about the iPad. Designed to be a quick read to fill those idle gaps in your iPadding day Padder is a quick tour through the iPad world.

Airport Terminal for iPhone / iPad; Airport Terminal is a highly addictive time management game brought to you by the developer of the bestselling Are You Alright? and Amy’s Burger Shop series.

Coda for Mac OSX; Coda is a one window web-development solution that brings together a strong code editor with the other tools you need as a web-developer. With site-uploading, easy terminal access, a tidy CSS editor and now plugin support, Coda is worth checking out if you edit websites without a WYSIWYG editor on a Mac.

Calling all App developers: If you’re an app developer, for any platform, and would like us to review your application on our show – please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We’re always interested in trying out new apps.

HTML5 Discussion

In this episode of AtRandom we take a deep look at what HTML5 has to offer and discuss some possible futures for the web with HTML5 games and applications. However, will the fragmented browser support still exist in 3 years time or are we finally moving towards cross-browser standards for CSS and JavaScript?

Check out some great HTML5 demos and examples.

Audio Tracks from Magnatune

In this show we feature two tracks from the online music service Magnatune. The tracks featured in this episode are;

Nova Express – Gimme Some More

Electric Frankenstein – Listen Up Baby

John Wordsworth

All round geek and gamer with extensive experience developing for the web and mobile platforms. Having spent far too many years in education acquiring a PhD in Applied Mathematics, John is now looking to keep up the fun by developing apps and games.

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