You can also download episodes of AtRandom on iTunes.

Episode Description Year Download
26. Kubuntu Linux We talk to Jonathan and Scarlett from the Kubuntu team about 14.10. 2014 MP3 M4A
25. Windows, Watches & GPUs Windows 10, the Apple Watch and GPU buying advice. 2014 MP3 M4A
24. Surface Pro and Pi Join us as we talk about the Surface Pro, the Raspberry Pi and RISC OS. 2013 MP3 M4A
23. – Missing. Presumed Coming Soon – 2013
22. Back to Basic Gordon Henderson talks to us about Basic in the modern day. 2012 MP3 M4A
21. MS & UEFI Locks We take a serious turn to discuss Microsoft and the EU in a UEFI ARM Lock. 2012 MP3 M4A
20. Nvidia 3D Vision We take a look at 3D gaming with NVidia Vision – is it worth the effort? 2012 MP3 M4A
19. Game Engines We take a look at the magic that makes a modern 3D game engine work. 2012 MP3 M4A
18. SOPA & PIPA The gang take a look at SOPA, PIPA and internet legislation. 2012 MP3 M4A
17. Kinect for Windows Join us as we talk about Kinect for Windows and camera tracking. 2012 MP3 M4A
16. Syria’s Business The team take a step away from the norm and talk about events in Syria. 2012 MP3 M4A
15. Apps of 2011 Take a blast from the past and hear about our top 10 apps of 2011. 2012 MP3 M4A
14. Smart TVs We talk about the place of Smart TVs in the modern day. 2012 MP3 M4A
13. iRacing Back when Rick’s addiction begin for this realistic driving game simulator. 2012 MP3 M4A
12. Ubuntu 11.10 We take a look at Ubuntu Oneric Ocelot and the latest from Canonical. 2011 MP3 M4A
11. Windows 8 Preview We discuss the Windows 8 Preview and cast our doubts over Metro. 2011 MP3 M4A
10. He Needed Stabilizers We talk about the future of Apple with the sad passing of Steve Jobs. 2011 MP3 M4A
09. To Boldly Go In a truly AtRandom turn we discuss UFOs, Aliens and the Hollow Earth! 2011 MP3 M4A
08. Episode 8 A piece of AtRandom history, join us as we find our feet in the early shows. 2011 MP3 M4A
07. Episode 7 We introduce our first ever guest to talk about the iPad App “Padder”. 2011 MP3 M4A
06. Episode 6 Join us as we talk about Google+ and the fragmentation of Android. 2011 MP3 M4A
05. Episode 5 A trip back to tech history. Found out what we predicted for Windows 7 and iOS 5! 2011 MP3 M4A
04. Episode 4 Sadly, the Intel Commodore 64 didn’t last long, but hear all about it here! 2011 MP3 M4A
03. Episode 3 We whip around various tech and talk Flash->HTML5, Android x86 and CUDA. 2011 MP3 M4A
02. Episode 2 Listen to what we thought about tablet computing when it was a new thing. 2011 MP3 M4A
01. Episode 1 As with all firsts, we talk bollocks but remember it fondly. See where we started! 2011 MP3 M4A

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